This spring, the Faculty Social Work & Education of the Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities of the University Hassan II of Casablanca signed a partnership agreement. The Into Morocco Centre provided strategic advice and guidance to the Hague University during the partner selection process and the outline of the partnership program.

The partnership agreement was a result of an earlier study visit to Morocco. A delegation of the Hague University visited several educational institutes and civil society organizations in order to exchange ideas about future partnerships.

Over 3 years the Dutch foundation IVN for environmental education and its Moroccan counterpart AESVT worked on an extensive capacity building project financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs. The project resulted in strategic plans of 8 regional centres of environmental education, the development of a successful national and regional volunteer policies as well as new approaches and tools for environmental education.


Is your institution committed to internationalization? Are you considering developing strategic partnerships in the MENA region? Then you might consider Morocco. As one of the safest and most western oriented countries in the area, Morocco is becoming more and more interesting for educational institutes, civil society organisations and companies aiming at partnerships, exchange programs or market research. Morocco is developing rapidly with its technological infrastructure among other modern day improvements. The country offers great possibilities for exchange and collaboration in many fields.

The Into Morocco Centre assists in developing successful, sustainable and mutually beneficial alliances between organizations with shared aims and interests.

We engage in the following activities:

  • Guiding you through a customized partnership planning process to develop a successful partnership strategy.
  • Providing market scans, advice and liaison services.
  • Organizing study tours to enrich understanding of Moroccan society and presenting potential partners.
  • Organizing tailor made study tours for students and other youth to enhance their intercultural competencies and foster their understanding of the Arab world.
  • Acting as your local representative and program coordinator

Commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in Rabat, Into Morocco Centre conducted a market scan for a major Dutch cosmetic company wishing to penetrate the Moroccan market. Senior embassy trade officer Joris Houtman: “The client was very satisfied with the market scan. The sector information was usefull and they will contact the potential business partners indicated in the report. In short: a good scan!”