“When I came to study in Rabat I was lucky to be introduced immediately to Moroccan students who showed me one of the surf clubs in Rabat. This is where I met most of my new Moroccan friends and it is a cool place to hang out.”

Yara Maljers, bachelor student anthropology




What: Living and working in Morocco during 6 months, supported by our project team who will provide work, housing, practical and mental support.

Who: A selective group of Dutch speaking Moroccans.

When: January – June 2018

Where: Rabat

Accomodation: (Shared) appartment

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Did you even considered to come and live in Morocco for a couple of months? Maybe you wonder how to find a job and housing. You might not speak French or Arabic and you are not sure how to handle the moroccan bureacracy. Our Check Into Morocco programme will help you to get started. We will offer job matchmaking, housing services, advice and support for a selective group of 18-30 year old Dutch speaking Moroccans. Application procedure will start in september 2017. Already curious? Contact us for more information!

Join Check Into Morocco for an unforgettable experience!



What: tailor made travel programs way beyond the simple tourist experience….

Who: groups, families or solo travelers

When: any time

Where: anywhere in Morocco

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Are you of Moroccan origin? You may certainly feel a special connection with Morocco.

What if you could get the opportunity to get to know Morocco better? Not just as a holiday hang out but a real discovery tour? Checking out the urban places-to-be and tracking down unexpected spots in other parts of the country?

The tailor made Into Moroccan Roots travel programs offers you the upportunity to learn more about this great country and your personal background. Think of traveling through the Moroccan mountains with your family discovering life of Berber villages. Or discovering modern Morocco and Marrakesh by night with friends. The programs are adapted to your personal interests and offer you a wide range of possibilities. Contact us for more information.

“During my stay in Morocco I met a lot of new, open minded, people.
I learned a lot about myself, my family and the Moroccan culture. Sometimes I felt completely at home, sometimes I felt a “totally Dutch product”.  But in the end, I am best of both worlds!”

Imane Assid, bachelor student communication