“ With her thorough understanding of the working methods of Moroccan organizations, Hélène very well knows how to bring together the various partners. Her onsite support was crucial to the success of the Badra project. The financing Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs noted that the project results exceeded even their expectations.”

Geja Roosjen, former senior staff member IVN Environmental Education Foundation


Morocco is geographically and historically very close to the Western world. Yet it is a complex and enigmatic country to most foreigners. Its intriguing mix of tradition and modernity can be full of surprises.

Understanding Morocco means understanding its social structure, its values and where they stem from. It means seizing the complicated and hidden power patterns at both state level and in daily life as well as the impact of the international political scene. It means being aware of the processes of cultural change, the impact of globalization and the way Moroccan society accommodates these changes.

We believe that currently, more than ever in these turbulent times, it has become of paramount importance to make a real effort of understanding one another’s values and viewpoints. To develop cultural sensitivity based on in-depth knowledge, critical analysis and personal interaction. This asks for a challenging yet respectful approach not shying away from sensitive issues.

In our modest way, we would like to contribute to the unraveling of the Moroccan enigma and fostering a better understanding of this fascinating society.                                          


The Into Morocco Centre is the gateway to Morocco offering unparalleled access through in-depth knowledge, critical analyses and a balanced perspective of Moroccan society.

We foster curiosity and a better understanding of Morocco by enriching programs for diplomats, expatriates, students and youth.

We offer our expertise and extensive network to create sustainable partnerships and challenging exchange programs.


We believe in reciprocal partnerships and mutual learning. Therefore, all our programs are developed in close cooperation with Moroccan experts, civil society activists, scientific researchers, students, entrepreneurs and other engaging people.